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What’s Happening ? Strange And Deadly Creature Appears At Axim Beach 24hrs After The Osu Incident (Details below)



The Atinka FM reporter clarified that they don’t know what’s happened and they (Atinka FM) should confirm that some deadly wild dolphins have been washed ashore. They appeared 24hrs after some deadly fishes appeared at Osu Beach.

Many people wondered about the incident as fishermen are traumatized. This has become very worrying as nobody knows what’s happening in our water bodies, particularly in the Atlantic Ocean.

The general public expects the Fisheries Ministry and Honorable Hawa Koomson and the Food and Drugs Authority to speak on the trending issue.

The public also has to wonder what caused thousands of fish to be washed ashore, let alone understanding the cause of the dolphins being washed ashore. Today’s Axim beach.

Yesterday, the Food and Drugs Authorities cautioned against purchasing cheap fish from the poisonous fish.

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