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What Should I Do? – See What I Caught My Husband Doing To Our 2-Year-Old Daughter (Details below)



Fathers of today are doing things that are very bad. Some fathers are irresponsible or not responsible, they give birth to their children and dump them. Others beat their wives and other insane and wrong things. Let’s get started with the main reason why we came here.

I was going for a meeting and if I should send my 2years old daughter, she would disturb me so I had to leave her with my husband. He accepted and I went, I left so my keys at home so had to return and pick it so that in case he goes out I will get a key to get in.

I came back and saw him dressed in coat as if he is going to work, he dressed my daughter as well. I asked and he said he is going to get some files from his work place so I should go, I obeyed and went.

Finally, the meeting was over. I raced home faster than always because my daughter may be crying to see me. I saw my husband in his car and my daughter sitting in front of him and what he was doing might shock you.

He was busily chewing my daughter’s mouth as if I’ve not been …….. I held my mouth because if I should say something and he hears, he might kill me. He didn’t even watch left or right he was still doing it. I picked my phone and took images of it and ran back. I went back to the main gate and intentionally made noises so that he will know my presence and yes, my plan worked he stopped and welcomed me. I watch down to his ”langalanga” and it was standing straight.

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He has been good to me all these years but not knowing he has a hidden secret.

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