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What Britain Told The North To Do To Retain Power Forever In Nigeria, No. 3 Will Shock You (Details below)



It’ s no longer news that the north for over half a century of the Independence of Nigeria has dominated the entire Nigeria politics and even today, one would wonder why the northern elites who are not so much educated in masses are dominating the country, as a matter of fact, the only educated man from the north to rule Nigeria as a democratically elected president was late former president Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua, how did this people outsmart all intelligent Igbos and over educated Yorubas, and other tribes to keep this country in bondage? It is in what Britain told them.

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After Nigeria came together to seek Independence, the three major tribes, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, they succeeded because they came together. For the records, we have achieved alot through unity, let’ s not divide. Back to my point.

The Englishmen who came and took advantage of our mineral resources most especially our crude oil and diamond. They were engrossed by it, so we having Independence, would cut them off what they’ ve enjoyed.

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The day they left, they had a secret meeting with the northern leaders and what they told them is what is still keeping them in power now. Why was it the north that was selected by Britain to carry out this plan, it was because of many factors, one, they were Muslims, apt to violence, two, they could execute it without remorse and three, because in intelligence and wisdom, they are no way to be found, the Britain knew Igbos and Yorubas will not be decieved.

Why would Britain give them this advise? They wanted to still rule Nigeria but ruling it from Britain, the easiest tribe to control was the North. If any other tribe knew this, they’ d control where they are, this secret was what made Britain itself, the north are using it.

What was the advise Britain gave to the North? To always keep the power with you and control your Yoruba and Igbo brothers, do this;

1. Be Most Populated

They told the north to be most Populated, take many wives, bear many children, this means creating more states and more allocation, more money, as time goes on, they’ d Become the largest Geo Political zone and will democratically determine elections because their religion keeps them as one.

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2. Educate Only Those You Want To Use

Only few people that would be in government or key places, select them, we’ ll help you train them abroad, very well. The rest should do farm work and control the feeding of Nigeria, others should become shoe makers to show that your people are poor. This will help you controls your people and build terrorist groups if needed.

3. Let Your Young Join All The Armed Forces

This advise was given to the north by Britain in order to give them control over the arm forces, this is why they stayed mostly during military coups. And till today, this plan has ruptured into a big disaster as the North now fully sits on the affairs of Nigeria.

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