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“We Are No Longer Nigeria, We Are Yorubas, No Going Back! ! “— Angry Yorubas Reacts To Muhammed’s Statement (Details below)



The ongoing rift between some Yoruba people and other ethnical groups in this country have been surfacing on Facebook and other social media outlets. The Yoruba agigators are aiming to lunch their own republic in year 2023 which will definitely set them apart from Nigeria.

The Yoruba secessionists have also confirmed that they won’ t take part in the coming Presidential election in 2023 as they aim to build another Nation called Yoruba Republic.

Few hours ago, the Federal Commissioner of National Population Commission, Doctor Abdulmalik Mohammed Durunguwa, was present live on Arise news TV.

The commissioner of National Population Commission spoked about the unity of all the ethnical groups in the country. The Commissioner emphasized that the three main groups will unite in 2023 Presidential Election.

The agigators of Yoruba Nation have angrily reacted to the revelation of Commissioner Abdulmalik Mohammed Durunguwa on every social media outlets. The passionate Yoruba agigators are still aiming to form a new nation called Yoruba Republic.

On Facebook today, some Yoruba people have denounce Nigeria as their country and they have publicly announced Yoruba Republic as their new country.

Here are some screenshots of Dr Abdulmalik Mohammed Durunguwa taken during the live TV program;

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This is the Facebook link to watch the video of Dr. Abdulmalik Mohammed Durunguwa concerning the ethnical groups in the country;

Some Yoruba indigenes are however reacting on the statement of Dr. Abdulmalik Mohammed Durunguwa.

Let’s take a look at some of their comments on Facebook;

As a Yoruba indigene or Igbo indigene, are you in full support of those agigating for their own nations?

Lets get to know that In the comment section below.

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