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“To escape the wrong person satan prepared for you, marry right, not fast” – Reno Omokri



Renowned author, Reno Omokri advises on the need to take a step back when settling down rather than rushing marriage..

According to the Buhari-tormentor, rushing plans for marriage without proper assessment leads to nothing but vanity.

In his words,

“Wise singles focus on marrying RIGHT. Foolish ones focus on marrying FIRST. What is the use of being the first to marry when the person you marry is wrong? Pray that God helps you escape the wrong person satan has prepared for you.

Marry right, not fast. In marriage, accuracy is better than speed. Accurately marrying the preferable person, even if it takes time, is better than speedily marrying the available person. A slow car going in the right direction, is better than a fast car going in the wrong direction.”

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