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THROWBACK!!! Meet The Nigerian Teenage Girl Who Stabbed Her Husband To Death For Trying To Sleep With Her (Details below)



Wonders shall never seize to end in this world, this is what happens when we keep on offering our young girls for marriage without giving them proper orientation. Sometime last year, the girl in the above picture named Salma Hassan stabbed her husband to death with a knife in Bauchi State because he tried to sleep with her.

It’ s quite understandable when you use a weapon to defend yourself from someone who is armed, tries to either kill you or cause severe harm to you, but using a weapon on your unarmed partner simply because he tries to perform his marital right is an issues that shouldn’ t be tolerated.

She was arrested by the Nigerian police and was being interrogated. In her defence, she said that she never knew making love to her husband was a necessary thing in marriage. Personally, i don’ t really blame her for her actions because she was married at a very tender age. Her parents would have sat her down to tell her about the do’ s and don’ ts involved in marriage. The incident happened eleven days after their marriage and her husband whose name is Mohammed Mustapha died after being rushed to a hospital in Bauchi State to receive treatment.

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The incident took place in Itas- Gadau local government area in Bauchi State. The young girl went further to say that she regrets her action and would never had done such a thing if she knew it would result in such a serious case.

Let me use this medium to further advice some of our dear parents, it’ s very necessary that we allow our daughters to grow to the level where they fully understand life and are fully prepared both mentally and physically for marriage in order to avoid issues like this.