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This Lady Was Disgraced In Public For Stealing N50, Read How She Scams POS Operators (Photos below)



A beautiful lady brought disgrace upon herself after she was caught stealing a common 50 naira from a woman’s handbag.

After she was caught, she was accused of stealing money from POS operators, shop owners, and okada riders in the past. The people who accused her also said that she possesses an evil power or charm that enables her to swiftly steal people’s money without being caught

Upon interrogation, the lady confessed that she had been stealing money from people in that area for a long time but she didn’t use any charm for any of her operations. She said that she got away with stealing people’s money because she was simply good at it.

In a video shared on Facebook, the lady was forced to sit on the ground and her hands were handcuffed. Several people including some who claimed that she stole their money in the past surrounded her.

One man who said he was an okada rider gave an account of how the lady stole his money one time when she patronized his service

Another woman said the lady lied to her shop attendants that she was her makeup artists, gained access to her shop, and stole all her money from her safe

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The woman whose 50 Naira the girl was caught stealing asked the girl why she had to steal a common 50 naira when she could have just asked for it and the girl replied that she needed money for transport. The woman then said “If you needed money for transport why didn’t you simply ask me, I am your fellow lady I would have given it to you”

The girl was asked how she was able to steal money from POS operators and escape without being noticed and she said “I beg them to do me a favor by changing 1000 note into smaller units for me and when they are distracted I quickly take their money and put it into my bag

The crowd was not satisfied with the answers she gave and they punished her while she begged for mercy promising that she would never steal anything again. Some of the persons who claimed she stole from them swore that they won’t let her go without being punished and she must pay back all the money she stole.

Seeing how determined some men were to humiliate the girl, a few elderly men later decided to take her on a bike to the nearest police station for better handling of the case

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No matter how successful a person has been at stealing one day he or she will be caught and disgraced, in a worst-case scenario they might be set ablaze

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