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“The Weight Came With Money”– Reactions As Cubana Chief Priest Shares His Before And After Photo



Sometimes people tend to change with their way of life and physique when things is working out well for them, some look more beautiful or handsome while some add more weight and look very adorable, though, it is a very good thing to be rich and famous which is why a lot of people strive very hard every day so they will be one of the best in the future, even though some do not get to where they would have loved to be but they still tried hard to be the best.

Some Celebrities that we see today where once a nobody, many people did not know them or identify them because they were not famous, when things turned from nothing to something for them they became one of the most followed and most loved personalities in Nigeria and beyond, it is a great thing to be rich and famous, some got to the top by singing, some do so by releasing comedy skits while some engage themselves in sports and other forms of entertainment, the case of Cubana Chief Priest is a little bit different because he is not a musician or actor, but he very popular.

He is always seen hanging out with top Celebrities and a lot of people know him in Nigeria and beyond, he calls himself Celebrity Bar Man, he currently has over two million followers on his official Instagram page.

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Cubana Chief Priest posted a throwback picture of himself when he was still trying to get to the top, he placed it beside his recent picture, the difference in the picture is very much because he looked more matured and had more weight in his recent picture than when he was still trying to make this happen for himself, that is why it is good to always work hard for the best, when Cubana Chief Priest posted the picture he wrote the caption ” Never stop dreaming… Get out and chase your dream… Back in 2016″ .

Below is the throwback and recent picture that Cubana Chief Priest posted on social media;