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The Fascinating Story Of A Dead Young Girl Who Came Back To Life With Memories Of An Ancient Princess From 1290BC (Details below)



NOTE: DOROTHY GOES BY THENAMES: BENTRESHYT (her old Egyptian self), OMM SETY (the mother of Sety) and DOROTHY EADY (the name given to her by her parents). So don’ t be confused if you see otherwise. I hope you gain something from this news.

The slowly renaissance of a young girl named Dorothy Eady slowly took place after she died and came back to life. Dorothy was a toddler like every other person whose life was filled with joy and happiness. She was said to have been 3 years old (born in 1903) on the day she reincarnated. While playing in London at a time, she fell down the stairs and was reported to have passed on. But minutes later, the doctor went back in to confirm her death and found out that she was alive. Her parents were happy that she is alive only to notice changes in her as she grew up. This change occurred in the year 1908.


She began developing strange characters like hiding under the table and requesting to be taken home. On the day her parents took her to a museum, she refused to leave the Egyptian statues, saying that they are her people. This was really strange as no one knows what happened to her. She also claimed that the home built by Seti was her real home. Dorothy after her renaissance was very fluent in Egyptian words and characters which was a surprise to everyone as she has never learned them before. She always said that she was the reincarnation of Omm Sety.

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When she grew up, she got married to an Egyptian man and moved to Egypt. It was during this period that her reincarnated self came to limelight. Her true identity was revealed to her in dreams by the spirit of Hor- Ra for a period of 1 year. She said to have been born 3300 years back. Her real name is Bentreshyt (meaning harp of joy). She became an orphan at the age of 3. Her dad gave her to the temple of Kom el- Sultan, after her mom died.

When she turned 12 years old, the High priest at that time asked her to either leave the temple or become a priestess. She became a priestess and later on, broke her swore of celibacy and married Pharaoh Seti.


She got pregnant for Seti, and rumours began spreading around. She was to be killed because she broke her vows of celibacy. To protect Seti from Public Humiliation, she had to commit suicide.


She married a certain Egyptian Eman Abdel Meguid in 1931 and gave birth to a boy whom she called Sety (This makes her to be known by the name Omm Sety- mother of Sety). In 1956, they got divorced as her husband was scared of her zoning out and always writing hieroglyphics and talking about her past life. She decided to dedicate herself truly to studying the Egyptian culture. She was once tested as to know if she was saying the truth or lying. She was asked by the chief inspector of the Temple of Seti to identify some paintings from her past life.

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Surprisingly, she told them about the paintings, and also more of what have not been recorded in book. A lot of people came to believe her as being brought back to life. There was also a garden in her past life which when dug up they found out that she wasn’ t lying. Surely, was Dorothy the reincarnated Bentreshyt?

She died April 1981 and was placed in a tomb outside a Coptic cemetery in Abydos.

What are we trying to say? If you read through to this point, then you will know how fascinating this news is. Reincarnation nowadays is merely but a fiction but this is someone who came back to life in 1904 from the year 1290BC. How weird do you think things can become?