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Somethings You Don’t Know About The Civil War And Why Nigeria Defeated Biafra In The War (Details below)



The Nigeria/Biafra civil which broke out in 1967 and ended in 1970 was the most brutal moment in the history of Nigeria, when the secessionist Igbo ethnic group under the leadership of Chukwuma Odimegwu Ojukwu declared the independent State of Biafra which comprised the then Eastern region of Nigeria.

The war resulted to a gigantic upheaval in the country of which the trauma is still in effect till date.

The Nigerian soldiers fought against the Biafran soldiers to reintegrate them to the country, and maintain ” One Nigeria” . The war was tough as the both sides did not find it easy at all.

The Nigerian soldiers were able to defeat the Biafran soldiers owing to their strong ally with some powerful countries of the world. These countries supplied them with weapons of warfare and soldiers.

Axiomatically, the Biafran soldiers did not fight only the Nigerian soldiers, but fought their allies which included Russia, Germany, Egypt, United Kingdom, Burma, Slovakia (Czech), Poland, Norway, Ghana, Niger, Chad and others.

All these countries had in one way or the other contributed to the war for ” One Nigeria” against the Biafra. Germany, Russia, United Kingdom contributed heavy armaments to the Nigerian military, while countries like Niger and Chad contributed reasonable number of soldiers, Egypt also dedicated some pilots who were responsible for bombing hospitals and market places in the then Biafran territory.

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Biafra did not have strong allies as Nigeria had. Haiti and Gabon were the remarkable allies of Biafra who contributed just food and clothings of which reasonable quantities were seized by the Nigerian military. Therefore, the Biafrans put their innovative and creative minds into work to improvise and manufacture their own weapons since they had no strong ally to supply them with equipment.

The equipment used by the Biafran Army were locally manufactured such as the armoured tanks, missile launchers, grenades, and the renowned ” Ogbunigwe” which generated earth tremor of about 0. 6 magnitude.

Nigeria defeated Biafra with the help of their allies. And this history has been the most brutal moment in the history of Nigeria were over a million people lost their lives and many properties were damaged.

Owing to this effect, Nigeria cannot afford to have another civil war. Therefore the only approach to circumventing the upsurge of chaos and agitations for Secession in the country is peaceful dialogue and subsequent restructuring of the country.

Peace is all we need, unity and love will help us achieve a greater nation. No ethnic nationality should be ignored, everyman’ s right should be respected and the laws should be upheld to, so that we can build a greater nation.

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