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SO SAD: See How Nigerians Disgrace And Harass Buhari In Abuja House, London UK (Photos below)



Following the ongoing protest against President Muhammadu Buhari in London, some Nigerians have remained there as they promise to harass the president out of Abuja House, London and send him back to Nigeria.

They propose that he must live the Abuja House, London and came back to Nigeria for the medical checkup he scheduled to do there. The protest is ongoing as more Nigerians are flying to the President Muhammadu Buhari’ s location at London.

However, a London base Nigeria know as Saratu Ishayu Audu was captured while protesting and abusing President Muhammadu Buhari all around the Abuja House. She was captured while abusing the President with some BIG tranny words.

I don’ t think that, the whole world is surprise of what SARATU did to our President, Muhammadu Buhari because everyone knows how drug abusers do behaves even here in Nigeria talk less of London, UK drunkards.

It is not a surprise and would never be a surprise for someone who is drug abuser to act that kind of sh! t.

Perhaps, if you are sponsored to act stup! dly, despite you are a broke as3, you have nothing valuable to offer to Nigeria and the whole world at large, you are an drug abuser and you are also an us3less being on the earth, actually nothing you won’ t act for the sake of that sponsorship (and the hatred between you and the victim).

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It is far better for one to die peacefully and religiously than to remain on the earth like this.

To have the mind and ability to act this kind of sh! t is very BIG sign of irrespective and irresponsible life and how hard has being hard to her.

Oh, may Almighty God save us from drug abuse, senseless emotions, ignorance promotion and public stupidity 🙏

May Almighty God protect us, our family, and whole Nigerians from acting this kind of sh! t on the earth, no matter how hard life has being to us or how hard we manage to live 🙏