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She Attempted To End Her Husband’s Life With a Machete After He Told Her That He Was Planning To Get A Second Wife (Details below)



I know how painful it can be when the person you are deeply in love with tells you about their plans of leaving you because they have picked interest in another person, at that particular moment, many evil thoughts will definitely go through your mind, you might think of committing suicide or even killing the person. but it’ s best you don’ t bring all those thoughts into manifestation. The name of the woman in the above picture is Oluwakemi Etu, she was arrested and sent to jail for stabbing her husband and attempting to kill him with a machete.

The attempted murder occurred in their residence in Ogun state some years ago. During questioning, she told the police that on that fateful day after making love with her husband whose name is Kehinde Etu, he disclosed his plan of marrying another wife to her and she was filled with rage. She went further to tell the police that she left the house some minutes later to purchase a machete in the nearby market and attacked him while he was sleeping. She managed to stab him and make some cuts on his body before the police intervened, arrested and took her straight to the police station for investigation and questioning.

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Personally, I feel that she went too far with her actions. I know that hearing such a news from your partner can be very heartbreaking, frustrating, and annoying. But it doesn’ t mean you should go ahead and try to take someone’ s life, she would have simply prayed to God to change her man’ s mind or willingly walk out of the relationship since it wasn’ t going to favour her anymore.

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