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Senate President Mentions Those Who Are Behind Calls For Nigeria’s Break Up In His Easter Message (Details below)



The senate president Dr. Ahmad Lawal has issued a statement amidst Easter’ s preparation from his home state. The president is from Yobe state of Northeastern part of Nigeria. In his statement, he accused the elites of being behind the calls for Nigeria’ s break up. According to him the proletariats do not share the same view with the elites because they want the unity and continuity of one Nigeria.

He said the problem is from the elites who continuously say that the country should be seceded and divided though the ordinary citizens believe in the continuity of one Nigeria. I believe we should be fair to the multitude of Nigerians who want the sustenance of the country, he chorused.

Ahmad Lawal believes in one Nigeria and that according to him the unity of Nigeria is non negotiable even though the complaints of the people must be listened to and acted upon.

Many elites especially from the Southeastern and Southwestern part of Nigeria are calling for Nigeria’ s break up.

Igbos have been clamoring for secession under the banner of Independent Peoples Of Biafra. The leader of the IPOB Nnamdi Kanu has to slip away from Nigeria to escape treasonable charges instituted against him by the Federal government. Ipob members have clashed with the military personnel when they refused to back down on their agenda. They moved about protesting, destroying public properties and disrupting traffic movement which made security personnel to crack down on them. Recently also, the Yorubas have initiated calls for breaking away from the mainstream Nigeria to form their own independent country.

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But many political analysts are of the opinion that the recurring calls for secession is political and can be addressed with proper restructuring of the country by the Federal government. There is need for true federalism where each federating unit is given reasonable power to run its affairs and manage its resources.