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See What Pastor Bakare Said About President Muhammadu Buhari During His Easter Message To Nigerians (Details below)



The senior pastor of citadel global community church in Lagos State, Tunde Bakare had declared that the state of the nation under President Muhammadu Buhari does not reflect the same President he knows. In his own address to Christian celebrating Easter in Nigeria and worldwide, Bakare said he is forced to speak out owing to what he described as Buhari’ s legacy being reflect to the unsavory side of history.

He also proclaimed that Nigeria is in a state of coma and need emergency help over the series of security in the country ranging from terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and now, secessionist who are agitating to secede the country. The pastor recalled that when President Muhammadu Buhari took oath of office in 2015, he promised tackle corruption, insecurity and fix the nation’ s deterioting economy.

The pastor said Nigerians can recall the President 1st bold move when he ordered the relocation of the command control centre from Abuja to Borno. He said by 2015, the government decleard boko haram technically defeated and unable to mount conventional attacks against hard or soft targets.

It really astonishing the pastor can remember history, he went on to speak on the anti- corruption fight by the President led administration, he said Buhari took commendable steps in the fight against corruption at the beginning of his tenure, including the attempt to plug the loopholes in the system through the Treasury Single Account (TSA) intervention. In 2016, Nigeria received its highest scorecard so far in transparency international corruption perceptions index.

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Speaking on job creation, the pastor said at the beginning of the President tenure he embarked on large scale skill development through N- power programme. He said through this scheme, hundreds of thousands were empowered.

Tunde Bakare and many others clergymen always voiced their own say in regards to national issues and things relating to Nigeria’ s political space. He has always speak on bothering issues surrounding the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Watch this video below for a clarity of what I am saying.

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