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See Seven Countries Where The Bible Is Banned In (Details below)



The Holy Bible or the scripture as it is also called is said to be God’ s own words and rules that all belivers should adhere to and obey the instructions it contains and it is seen as the final and supreme authority in doctrine and practice for christians.

Unfortunately in some countries, having, owning or even reading a Bible is very dangerous or illegal and being seen with just a page may cause you to go to jail. Below I’ ll be sharing with you some countries, which

1. Morocco

In Morocco it is actually illegal to carry a Bible translated into Arabic. Although Christian persecution is a bit minimal there, Christian children are not given any religious education whatsoever.

2. Somalia

In Somalia it is quite unfortunate that the Christians living there are constantly faced with constant persecution from some of the government officials and radical Islamic studies.

3. Libya

Quite similar to Morocco, Libya is another country that has laws against owning or bringing Bibles in the Arabic language into the country. In Libya evangelism and the distribution of Bibles is very illegal.

4. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a central Asian nation that practices a dictatorship form of government, in which a very high penalties and punishment are imposed on people who own Bibles. There authorities in charge, detain Christians who are in possession of the holy bible.

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5. Maldives

The country of Maldives has a well know reputation for being a luxurious landmark but in this paradise Bible can get you into big trouble. This country has a strict Islamic law, which makes importing a Bible very forbidden. Currently there is no complete translation of the Bible in Dhivehi, which is the offical language of the country.

6. China

In China the Chinese communist party placed a ban on online Bible downloads, and even went on to empty bookshops off Bibles and even went to the extreme of altering the verses of the scriptures and replaced them with President Xi words.

7. North Korea

North Korea the totalitarian state, in this country the only thing the citizens of this country are permitted to worship is the nation’ s leader, Kim Jong- un. The holy Bible and the Quran are both banned and those who are found in possession of any of them will face torture, imprisonment and possibly death.

So what is your take on this?

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