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See How People Reacted After Fulani Herdsmen Requested To Join The Newly Launched South Eastern Security Outfit, Ebube Agu (Details below)



Currently in Nigeria, the Fulani’ s have been known to cause trouble in every state they are in. However, the Fulani’ s in Abia State have shown and proved that Fulani’ s are lovely people.

According to them, they don’ t tolerate criminals in their midst and are trying their best to reduce criminal acts in their community. We all can remember that the South- Eastern part of the country recently launched a security outfit called Ebube Agu and the Fulani community in Abia State have shown interest to join this new security outfit (Ebube Agu).

According to Fulani’ s Leader, Mr. Buba Kedumure said: ” We do not harbor criminals, the allegation is a calculated attempt by some disgruntled element within and outside the cattle market to invite the host community and the government against our community” . He also added that the high cost of cattle from the North as suppliers are more willing to supply more cattle as a result of fear.

Mr. Kendumure said that ” the Fulani community in Abia regional cattle market wish to be included in the newly formed Ebube Agu Outfit” .

The Ebube Agu was formed April 11th in Imo State after the southeast governors met on the need to establish a security outfit to monitor the activities of vigilante groups in the community.

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Some Nigerians see this Fulani’ s cooperation as deceit while others believe they want peace to reign.

Below are Nigerians reactions;

If the governors ever agree to this, then the supposed security even though not against the northerners, has been compromised.

Am sure our governor will grant their demand but I suggest they should join the ESN instead.

If Igbo’ s are recruited into hisbah police, then you can be part of ebube aturu. l wonder what gave these uncircumcised Philistines the effrontery to make such a demand? fear southeast governors and their Lilly- Iive redness.

They are the brothers of eastern Foolani governors, they should be included in their Ebube agu security network.

How many southerners are in hisbah, in fact, these Fulanis see other tribes in Nigeria as fools

Why not? For the outfit to perform well, pls let the governors ensure that the Hausa/Fulani are made commanders. Daring Beasts!

So that they will be spying on our security and be telling their people all the moves and strategies, look the way I dey look them

It must not happen o, how many Igbo or Yoruba dey do community policing in the north.

In another decade or two, another country will not come out of Nigeria. The Igbo and the Yoruba people are on a rudderless voyage to nowhere. Right now you have an option, accommodate your fellow countrymen despite our individual differences. This is the only way out. One thing you don’ t know, nobody is with you on this movement, not even your state governors, senators, and your representatives in the national assembly.

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