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See How Boko Haram Terrorists Killed An Entire Community In A 13 Hours Uninterrupted Operations (Details below)



Bokoharam terrorists invaded the dual towns of Ngala and Gamboru in Borno state on the night of 6 May 2014. More than 500 people were killed in the 13 hours uninterrupted mass killings and the entire town was completely razed down.

Bokoharam also kidnapped 8 school girls of 12 to 15 years of age though the figure was later raised to 11.

Gamboru Ngala was the base of the security forces who had the vicinity earlier to engage the abductors of the Chibok school girls.

Borno state is considered as the stronghold of the terrorist

According to a report by Senator Ahmed Zanna and other residents who said that the security forces left the community after there was an information that the abducted school girls were spotted somewhere, an information later confirmed to be false alarm and a plot by the terrorists to divert the attention of the security forces from Gamboru Ngala.

The terrorist who invaded the town with two armoured personnel carriers they had seized from the security forces some months earlier and Ak 47 rifles, also armed with RPGs and rode on motorcycles and pickup vans attacked the town in the night when everywhere was calm.

The terrorists shot at people in an open market before proceeding to set houses ablaze and shot at residents who attempted to escape from being burnt.

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The death toll was said to be 300 as at May 7 while senator Ahmed Zanna later announced the death toll to be 500.

Later the residents and Ahmed confirmed the death toll to be 700.

The attack was gathered nationwide condemnations and was hugely criticized by the media.

The then President of Nigeria Goodluck Johnathan vowed to stop at nothing until the perpetrators of such heinous killings are brought to book.

The President also ordered that more security forces should be deployed to the area to help fight the terrorist while also promising to end insurgency in the country and make it safer for citizens.

Several Human Rights Organizations in the country also condemned the attacks and called on the authorities to help stop insurgency in the country especially the northern region.

International organizations like the United Nations also condemned the attacks.