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Reactions as Boy Was Seen in an Eatery Buying Expensive Food For Two Girls While He Ate Nothing (Photos below)



There was a drama that followed photos of a young boy who bought expensive food for two girls at a restaurant, as he sat there and watched.

Some ladies nowadays now view men as poverty reduction schemes, they put their financial burden on innocent men. In fact, we have heard a lot of stories about men buying food for their girlfriends and friends and then realize that they couldn’ t pay the bills, so they run away, leaving the girls to face the consequences alone.

But the case of this young man is different, take a look at him. Apparently, he invited his girlfriend for lunch but she showed up with her friend leaving him over budget. It was revealed that after he bought expensive food for the two girls, he was unable to afford food for himself. It is not surprising that the young man couldn’ t get food for himself, just look at the type of food the girls ordered, it includes fried rice, chicken, salad, fries and shawarma.

As I had mentioned earlier, the guy only planned to get food for his girlfriend and himself, unknown to him that his girlfriend would bring another friend with her. In fact, from the way that young man sat in the photo you could tell he was very uncomfortable and some people even said he was thinking about how to clear the bills of the food. Right here are reactions from Twitter users.

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For me, I don’ t think the lady that young man is dating actually love him; what can I see here is ” scamming” those ladies are just trying to use and dump him. They have nothing for him.

What do you think too, can we conclude that young man is an example of ” Maga” ?

let’ s have you drop your thoughts and opinions in the comments box.

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