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Reactions As 3-Years-Old Die After Her Mother Abscond With 3 Million Naira Meant For Her Brain Surgery (Details below)



It is often said before now that the love of a mother over her children is unconditional and unparalleled. Well, maybe we should be having a rethink by now because this story shows otherwise.

A certain Nigerian woman whose name and identity are yet to be known shocks the world with her conscienceless character when she allegedly absconds with the money donated by a good Samaritan towards the brain surgery of her sick daughter. The daughter who is a 3- year- old is said to be suffering from brain- related diseases which are mostly life- threatening diseases.

According to the lady, Nymart Jamal, who shares the story on her Facebook page, said an NGO wanted to receive the money on behalf of the mother and take care of the bills but the donor refused to give the money to the NGOs for reasons they cannot explain. Instead, he paid directly to the mother of the sick child’ s account with the hope that she will do the needful. But to the surprise of everyone, the mother ran away with the money and the poor innocent girl died.

This has instantly generated some reactions. Some said the donor should have paid to the hospital account directly if he or she does not trust the NGOs. But another report said that most of the things they would need would be gotten outside of the hospital. So it is better to have it in the mother’ s account. Once they need anything she can just go and get it without waiting for the hospital management to sign one document or the other before releasing the money. So I understand that aspect very well.

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However, what I do not understand is why would a mother be that heartless and run away with money like that. Yes, poverty is real. Perhaps she has never seen a million naira in her life before. So seeing 3 million nairas is something she thought could change her life forever. And maybe she has more than one kid. She can easily turn to the other ones or have another baby. But such kind of money may never come by again.

But she is wrong, in case she is thinking this way. That girl’ s future is worth more than 3 million. There is no assurance that she would not lose the 3 million at the end of the day because her story is already trending. It is a matter of time before they get hold of her identity.

May the soul of the girl rest in peace!

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