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Nigerians React After Governor Uzodinma Confessed That ESN Didn’t Cause The Attack In Imo State (Details below)



According to Reporters on Twitter, it was reported that the Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has said aggrieved politicians sponsored the attacks on police headquarters and correctional centre in Owerri, the state capital, on Monday.

Uzodinma spoke on Wednesday during a programme on Channels Television, monitored by Reporters.

See how people reacted on Twitter below.

@emeh: The Governor should be held responsible if anything happens to his so- called political enemies, and those of their supporters. Is it not foolhardy to attribute this violence to anyone when investigation has not commenced, let alone concluded.

@chuks: So they have realized that they have been falsely accusing IPOB and ESN unnecessarily so as to use the opportunity to be killing Igbo people. Even if it was sponsored by politicians, why didn’ t the army intervene since it occurred a stone throw from their barrack.

@bakrshah: Whenever government tells you politicians and people in the higher echelon are behind violence, they never seem to be able to mention names and arrest people. . . Why is this so? Same thing they said about Boko haram sponsors. . . where are the names?

@essien: Didn’ t you know they were going to fight back? In Nigeria everything you want you get. If you come in peace, peace will follow you. If you come to fight, they will make sure you spend all your tenure fighting. You probably made your decision wrongly.

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@the teacher: Does this even worth talking about? Any one with brain knows it wasn’ t IPOB, those with sense know it’ s Government job.

Burnt down Police Headquarters and Fed Prison in a state Unchallenged and no prison Wader was killed, nor Police men?

Only Fulanis in their hatred think its IPOB.

@Uche: You see how they crucify us. They hate anything Igbo, that’ s what brings other tribes together. . . a common hatred for the Igbos. You see why Biafra must come.

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