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Nigerians Blow Up As They Noticed This After President Muhammadu Buhari Arrived From London (Details below)



Deji Adeyanju, a prominent Social Media activist has taken to his Facebook page, to share on what he discovered about President Buhari since he returned from UK where he received his medical treatment and took a well deserved rest.

While many Nigerians questioned the President’ s decision to travel when the country was burning due to high level of insecurity, and nigerian doctors going on strike. Some people believed that Mr President can’ t be ordered around and nobody can command him when and when not to travel because he is the president (first man), and the number one citizen of the country.

While Muhammadu Buhari was receiving his normal routine treatment and taking a short rest in London, Reno Omokri staged a peaceful protest in Abuja house, London. He and his group were of the opinion that president Buhari needs to go back and address the situation of things in Nigeria. Although, Omokri said he suspended the rally because of Ramadan, so as to enable Mr President to observe his fast in peace.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has finally returned home after a well deserved rest and he was welcomed by some members of his cabinets, security forces and other dignitaries.

President Buhari on his return was asked by newsmen, what Nigerians needs to look out for after he returned from his medical journ6, and he said they should expect continuity.

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Adeyanju Deji noticed something different about how President Buhari anchors his nose mask, the day he returned home from London.

Deji didn’ t say much, but he shared a picture with a caption which reads; ” President Buhari no longer anchors his mask on his ear lobe” .

What he posted sparked mixed reactions online, some people were of the opinion that his decision not to anchor his mask on his ear lobes might be based on medical advise or because he is aged. Others were of the opinion that nose masks comes in different brand and that at times anchoring a nose mask on ear lobes, is inconvenient.

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