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Nigerians Blow Hot After Nnamdi Kanu Said We Should Stop Calling Nigeria’s Problem Insecurity (Details below)



Nnamdi Kanu posted a tweet on Twitter, telling Nigerians to stop calling what Nigeria facing ” insecurity” .

Nnamdi Kanu tweeted, ” NIGERIA: Stop calling it INSECURITY. It’ s WAR, simple!

And it’ s coming from BokoHram, ISWAP and Herdsmen. It’ s Northern, Islamic and driven by Fulani. They’ ve conquered the North and soon coming to the South. Call a spade, a spade. Nonsense. ”

However, Nigerians reacted massively on Twitter.

See how Nigerians reacted on Twitter below.

@emeka: They think that they are wise with their Fulani juju, always blackmailing all the region turning them to their slavery. All this Fulani slaves governors has been caged by Fulani juju, but we will not allow them to cage us all. We must be free from Fulani Cage’ s/slavery, mad people everywhere.

@amadi: Imagine these evil governors of southeast! they want to sell everybody for their ambition to become vice president. Biafran immigrants in the north wants to sacrifice their lives because of material things they got in the north. May God forbid the ugly history of 1967.

@anayo: This evil government of Fulani has sworn to take over all the coners of that so called Nigeria. Believe me, they will not stop because they are on a mission. The only available option to stay alive now and preserve a better nation for all coming generations is to fight.

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@osita: You are on point Ohamadike. It’ s really good to make friends with countries like North Korea, Russia, China etc.

Further, if UGM can penetrate into Police HQS and Prisons Owerri, that means they can catch all the governors and Saboteurs by hand. Let them do so!

@chinedu: That is what it is, WAR not INSECURITY and is here now by Nigerian Government to conquer the indigenous people true Fulani Hesmen, Boko Haram, Iswap, but we are ready for this war, it will not be business as usual. The World will see what they did not expect this time, and they will know how serious we are.

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