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Nigerian-Made Jesus Ran Away With The Cross Saying He Don’t Want To Die Again This Year (Video below)



Ever since the beginning of the month, they has been a lot of hilarious updates on social media. Firstly is the April fool prank which is a tradition that almost everyone practice every year.

Tody being the 2nd day of the month tagged with the name “Good Friday” whereby all Christians concentrate themselves to God in order to celebrate the death of Jesus to liberate mankind. Everyone therefore engage themselves in various activities to celebrate this period of the year. Some do act the scenes of “The Saviour” trials and crucifixion on the street as if it were real. Which seems to be the case in this trending video.

A guy who is known for always putting up the act of Jesus during the Easter period like this, has decided to turn away from the norm. According to the video, the supposed “Jesus” which people refer to “Aba-made Jesus” was spotted run away with the “Holy Cross” in the middle of the road. When people asked him why he was running away with the cross and where he was taking it to.

He replied them saying He doesn’t want to die again this year. In his words he said ” U na no go kill me, I no wan die this year”. He said people are not repenting instead they are going deeper into sin. Therefore, there’s no importance in his “death” this year as “Jesus”.

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The people went further to ask him what they have to do to make him return the cross and take up his role as “Jesus”. He said he will only return the cross on one condition. He said the only way he’ll return the cross is if they all repent and turn away from sin.

Watch Video Below:

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