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Nigeria Police Clashes With The Fulanis At New Artisan Market, Enugu State (Photos below)



The Fulani traders at New Artisan Market, Enugu state were said to be having a severe clash with the police.

According to the report, the Fulanis were asked to vacate the premises by the state government but they refused to adhere to the order. This was on the basis of unapproved businesses that were going on there. They however attacked the government officials who went there to demolish the New Artisan market.

They were reportedly used AK- 47 to chase the officials away. They equally seized the government bulldozers and chased the police that accompanied the members of the Enugu State Capital Territory Development Authority.

The gun wielding traders blocked the NNPC end of the Enugu/Parthacourt expressway, stopping vehicles. They equally set up fire along the expressway.

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