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MUST READ: Northern Elders Finally Endorse Restructuring Of Nigeria, Say It Is The Necessity For Unity (Details below)



The former Northerners eventually approved the restructuring of Nigeria. The elders pointed out that restructuring is the only way Nigeria can realize its potential for economic and political development.

As reported by, the elders made the comments in a two- day brief on the North that concluded yesterday, which was organized by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).

In a communiqué issued after the Summit, the Arewa leaders also maintained the same view, saying, ” the North believes that Restructuring the state is now a vital necessity for survival as one united entity. ”

The Northern Elders may not be the first people to have babbled about this issue of Restructuring of Nigeria, there are many others especially some political activists that have made similar remarks.

As a federation and a complex political society, many political actors can see the restructuring from different perspectives.

But in all, the main idea of Restructuring is pointing at devolution of powers to the extent that more responsibilities are passed on to the states while the Federal Government is vested with the responsibility to oversee the foreign policy, defence, and economic.

The further communiqué stated: ” Delegates at the Summit commit to continuously seeking solutions, and raise their voices against misgovernance, corruption, and lack of commitment to security, poverty, and the desperation of northerners.

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“The government should provide an effective presence in all undeveloped areas of the North. The North decides that there should be government- sponsored negotiations and dialogue with the bandits, Boko Haram, and communities affected for effective northern peace. ”

The restructuring is a strategy of revision of the constitution to bring the government as close as possible to the grassroots population.

Seeing the current challenges in particular ethno- policy aimed in the country today, a lot of people said that restructuring would be the best option to restore Nigeria.

How do you feel about that?

Do you truly believe that restructuring would solve Nigeria’ s problems?