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Meet the Mother and Daughter Who are Serving a Life Sentence in Same Prison, See Reasons (Details below)



As an Inooro TV journalist, Mr. Simon Kibe of Kenya went about on his daily duties, which included interviewing some inmates, in order to get information about the crimes they committed or how they ended up in prison.

And during one of these interviews, he came across, a mother and daughter who had a sad story of how they ended up serving a life sentence, these women are actually inmates of the Lang’ata Women’s Prison, serving a life sentence.

According to reports, The mother Mrs. Esther Wanjeri, and her daughter Lucy Wanjeri were sentenced together, after the death of their father. When the event took place, Inmate lucy was just about 19 years of age, and narrating the incident, on that very day, Lucy had been sent to the local market to get some stuff, and came back home, only to find her mother with blood on her hands, there and then was she was enlightened by her mother, who informed her that she had killed her husband father,

Lucy’s father.

The given reasons behind the action of Mrs. Esther Wanjeri, was over alleged information that her daughter was having an affair with her husband, and she allowed anger to consume her, she eventually attacked her husband, and during the attack, the man was killed.

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But despite the very fact that lucy the daughter, had nothing physically to do with the crime, she was sentenced alongside her mother, since she was the first person to witness the crime, but refused to report. The case was later reported by some neighbors, who eventually came to learn of the death of the man, which led to their arrest and sentence in a court of law.

Although in the same prison, they stay in the same compound, but they don’t share the same roof and on her side of the prison, Lucy has been engaged in several courses and handi-work, which includes; dressmaking, baking, salon, haircutting, and beauty.

May we not get punished for the crime of another person. Sometimes I think certain court decisions are quite too harsh and deserve review. How can an accomplice and the main criminal serve the same sentence?

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