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Man who once forgave his fiancee for getting pregnant for her ex, calls off their 5 years relationship after another scandal



Twitter user identified as @dayoola, takes to social media to narrate how he ended a relationship with his girlfriend due to cheating allegations..

Twitter girlfriend cheating relationship
In a now-deleted tweet, Dayo hinted to the public that he met his girlfriend during his final year in the university and decided to institute a relationship he felt would eventually lead to marriage.

But along the line, the lady opened up to him about being raped by her ex-boyfriend, which eventually led to pregnancy. Out of compassion and sympathy, Dayo decided to continue with the relationship as he felt it was not her fault.

The man who felt cheated and betrayed disclosed that his girlfriend who had left the country for her Masters has already started dating someone else, hence, he publicly came out to call off the relationship.

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