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Man Fakes Heart Attack In the Middle of the Road to Propose to Girlfriend (Photos below)



Netizens in Kampala city have enjoyed the joy of being in love after a man faked a heart attack in order to make a surprise proposal to his girlfriend.

Romantic and extraordinary proposals in Uganda are becoming a trend as lover birds no longer mind where to make their proposals be it zip lining, game parks, water falls or traffic so long as they win over their dream soulmates.

According the current trending photos online, a fellow identified as David Katongole has on Tuesday dramatically proposed to his lover as he fell while walking on the street in what netizens and her fiance suspected to be a heart attack.

His concerned girlfriend was then forced into panic as she called for rescue something that attracted attention of the nearby by passers.

All this has happened as a hired photographer captured the moments. To the girl’s surprise, her man, now covered in dust stood up, went onto his knee, and asked for her hand in marriage.

She said, “Yes!” as a guitarist on the side serenaded her.

See Photos below: