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Man Born with no Collarbones has the Insane Ability of ‘Shoulder Clapping’ (Photos below)



A man born without any collarbones has an incredible party trick – clapping his shoulders together with ease.

Corey Bennett, from Indiana, US, has an incredibly rare condition called cleidocranial dysplasia which can result in babies being born without collarbones.

It can also cause short stature and developing extra teeth, or no teeth at all.

The birth prevalence is approximately one in 1 million and there are only 1,000 recorded cases in medical studies, according to

Corey has been educating people on his TikTok channel about the condition and has created a video series called “shoulder clapping til I’m famous”.

In one of the clips, he demonstrates his amazing ability to clap his shoulders together as quickly and easily as people can clap their hands.

Because he doesn’t have collarbones, there is nothing to obstruct his shoulders from meeting in front of his chest and the move has impressed viewers on the video-sharing app.

One fan commented: “Dude that’s madly awesome.”

Be class at getting through a packed club, pointed out another.

Someone else said: “Wow took me by surprise.”

Corey told LADbible: “I was bullied most of my life for being short and having bad teeth and a big head.

“I have embraced this condition because it’s really awesome – even with cleidocranial dysplasia I am still able to do everything.”

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Corey said people with the same extremely rare condition have gotten in touch to thank him for raising awareness and sharing a message of body positivity.

He says he does get occasional trolls leaving abusive messages, but they won’t hold him back.

Corey said: “There are the people who are still rude and mean with their comments.

“But I will not stop sharing it. I want to spread awareness because I know how hard it is to grow up with this rare condition.

“I will continue to make content on TikTok and spread awareness.”

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