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INTRIGUING! This Nnamdi Kanu’s New Revelation About Isa Pantami Will Shock You (Details below)



Nigerians are currently calling for the sack of their Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Pantami, due to his past radical comments and Pro- Taliban views.

Isa Pantami’ s past radical comments and extremist views include when he said ” We are all happy whenever unbelievers are killed. ”

The Minister has been quoted to have also hailed Osama Bin Laden’ s terrorist group Al- Qaeda after an attack on United States. The Minister once said, ” The terrorist is a better Muslim than myself. ”

Reports also say that the Minister even condemned Muslims who took up government positions in the country and vowed never to do same.

These couple of statements have since turned against the Minister as many prominent Nigerians including lawmakers demand his resignation.

In the wake of this, Isa Pantami reacted to the calls with pleas that he made those statements out of immaturity and that he has changed his views.

He also defended himself by revealing how he has been preaching against terrorism for many years now.

However, amidst the tension surrounding the controversy, the leader of the Indegenous People of Biafra has reacted to this as he made a strong revelation saying, ” TERRORISM is a form of #Islamic ideology, as well as a religious duty for every Muslim that believes in JIHAD. Therefore, there can never be anything like a repentant terrorist, not even some Minister named Isa Pantami (@DrIsaPantami). Please guided. I am. ”

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Nnamdi Kanu believes that there is nothing like a repentant terrorist, not even Isa Pantami who said he has changed his views and has repented.

What’ s your opinion? Should Pantami resign or get sacked Or should Nigerians allow him to continue as Minister because he has repented and changed his views?

Share your comments with us while you attempt these questions.

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