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‘Igbos Are Major Stakeholders In Nigeria’ – Gov. Hope Uzodinma



The Governor of Imo State, Governor Hope Uzodinma has labelled the Igbo tribe as a major stakeholder in Nigeria.
He made this known in a recent submission in Owerri when he received his fellow governors from the other states of the South-East and stakeholders of the region to its first security meeting.

In his submission, he said;

“Igbo are major stakeholders in Nigeria as they constitute the second largest population of every city in Nigeria. Our people have more stake in real estate in virtually all the major cities in the country, our people control the commanding height of commerce all over the country..

We, the Igbo are more united than any other ethnic nationality in Nigeria, through our shared struggle, our chequered history, and our deep-rooted extended family traditions and brotherhood makes our values, beliefs, commitment to a united Nigeria, beyond reproach.

What Ndigbo wants is justice, equity and fairness. A Nigeria that provides a level playing ground for all citizens. That is what we want, not Biafra. And we believe we can get what we want through constructive and tenacious engagement with fellow Nationals and relevant institutions, not by violence or war. Igbo have seen war, not in storybooks or in movies but real war. No right-thinking Igbo, who experienced the excruciating and devastating effects of the civil war on Igboland and our people, will vote for another war. The young and inexperienced may zealously want to beat the drumbeat of war, but it is our duty, as their parents and elders to talk them out of it.

Those creating the erroneous impression that Igbo want to leave Nigeria are either naive or mischievous. Igbos need Nigeria just like Nigeria and Nigerians need Igbo.”

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