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“I Would Make Sure Baba Ijesa Never Sees The Light Of Day And I Hope They Rape Him In Jail”- Tonto Dikeh Blows Hot (Details below)



I believe we all heard the story of the popular Yoruba actor who raped a 14- year- old girl?

We for those who haven’ t heard, popular Yoruba actor, Baba Ijesa was arrested for defiling a 14- year- old girl, and just when people thought it was a one- time occurrence, it turns out that it has been going on for quite a while now, as the Yoruba actor revealed in his statement that he has been sleeping with the girl for over 7 years now!

Which simply means that the Yoruba actor started raping her right from the age of 7 years!

The actor might have not been caught, if not for the early intervention of an eye witness, whereby the woman alerted the police on what was going on, and the police went ahead to arrest him after rightful investigations.

And now, popular Nollywood actress and also female rights activist, Tonto Dikeh, has come out to threaten Baba Ijesa, that if perhaps he is truly found guilty, she would make sure she uses everything in her power to make him pay.

Her exact words were; ” If the allegations are true, I hope he rots in jail and they do the same to him when his soap drops. If this is true I will personally make sure he never sees the light of day” .

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She further went on to type that, ” We will together as women stand up and use our voice to make awareness of what this man has done. ”
Baba Ijesa is a popular Yoruba actor who is known majorly for his comic roles in Yoruba movies. And these allegations against him has caused a lot of mixed emotions amongst Nigerians, but the most precise emotions are the feelings of anger, disappointment and also resentment.

And let’ s not forget that this Yoruba actor, Baba Ijesa is actually married!