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I Was Raised To Destroy Men Of God Who Set Free Those I Have Held Captive – Lady Narrates (Details below)



A lady who was delivered by Apostle John Chi, below is her touching story.

In her words, “I was raised to destroy people like you, especially you men of God who continuously set free those I have taken captive”

These words were from the demon inside Miss Fonaka Angela that had taken her captive for years. It should be noted that as a young girl, Angela’s father had dedicated her to their family idol. As such, she was supposed to serve as their family high priest to the idol.

As a young girl, she ignorantly did so until near adulthood when failure, anger, disappointment, poverty, unexpected loss of money and nightmares became part of her life. All these would happen when an evil spirit in the form of a woman appeared to her…

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