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I Thought The River That Allegedly Turned to Blood in Enugu Was Juju Not Until I Realized The Truth (Video below)



When the news of the river that allegedly turned to blood in Enugu State Nigeria, broke out in 2019, everybody had one or two things to say about it.

If I could remember accordingly, some people said that the gods of the land were angry, other people said that God is gradually releasing his wraths on the country, because of how bad things are turning out in the country.

It was really funny hearing different talks from different people, with different natures of gullibility. It is also funny that whenever there is a strange change in nature, most black men easily think that it is related to spiritual powers. This is one of the reasons why I believe that Africa is still far behind other continents in the world, in terms of development and other things.

Funnily, I used to be among the people who believed that it was spiritual for a river to have suddenly turned blood red in colour overnight. Since there was no physical explanation for it, we easily settled for the spiritual reasons, which we were not even sure of ourselves, so much for being gullible.

Recently, I found out the true reason behind this strange change in nature, and I could not believe that I was too gullible to have thought that the gods were angry, so they turned the river in Enugu state to blood. In fact, when the video was released back in 2019, I was so scared, but looking at the video again today, I found myself laughing at myself for not doing my researches well.

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Check out the video of the river that turned red in Enugu state through the link below

Now that I know what actually made the river in Enugu state turn red, I will be so glad to explain it to the people who actually thought that it was spiritual.

Firstly, there is a microorganism called Dunaliella Algae, see its photos below.

It lives inside almost every river, lake and water sources. Now, if you noticed closely, the river in Enugu state turned to red colour around that dry season of the year, that was one of the reasons the water turned red. Because of the dry season, the river started to dry out, and whenever a river is drying out, it gradually becomes warm in temperature. This warm river gradually become salty as the water dries out. The organism mentioned above flourishes abundantly in a salty warm water environment, and this makes them release a toxin that actually turns the water red, hence you think the water has turned to blood.

This research was carried out and published on the National geographic website. Interestingly, this type of incident has also happened in other countries too, for example, Ghana and China. See photos below.

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Do not be deceived anymore. No gods are angry anywhere and no God is releasing his wrath on anyone, we have just failed to understand nature extensively. Thank God for the white man who makes researches to find out the truth about nature and it’s wonders. Be like the white man and be wise.

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