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“I Promised Nnamdi Kanu That I Will Kill 200 Nigeria Security Officers”- ESN Commander Confesses (Details below)



Kayode Ogundamisi has shared the confession booth video of an as of late captured administrator of the Eastern Security Network (ESN). The captured speculate distinguished himself as Ugochukwu Samuel (famously known as Biggy), while further uncovering that he is a local of Arochukwu LGA in Abia State.

You may review the new assaults and slaughtering of safety agents in the Southeastern piece of Nigeria. Reports concerning the executing of these officials of the Nigerian military had started security worries in the locale as the aggressors went on a frenzy.

A helper to President Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie anyway uncovered that the joint exertion of the Nigerian Police power and the Nigerian Army prompted the capture of certain suspects in association with the assaults and killings.

Biggy was strutted close by different suspects in association with assaults and ensuing executing of safety agents in the Southeastern piece of Nigeria. The Nigerian States, for example, Anambra and Abia were influenced by the obnoxious demonstrations of some furnished attackers who killed the officials.

Talking in a confession booth video following his capture, Biggy uncovered that he was a second in order at the ESN uncommon power. A video of Biggy back when he was still at the criminal camp was likewise put in plain view alongside his confession booth video.

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Biggy admitted that he and his men executed a cop, he further revealed that they additionally had a weapon duel with officers. The speculation uncovered that he was captured at a medical clinic situated in Awka while treating his leg injury.

Sharing the video Kayode Ogundamisi expressed, ” Famous IPOB/Biafra Military Commander ” General Biggy” guaranteed Biafra Supreme Leader Nnamdi Kanu on Biafra Radio to murder 200 Nigerian security officials. He’ s presently in guardianship. “