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“I Love You But Your Something Is Too Small, I Can’t Cope” – Lady Says As She Rejects Marriage Proposal (Photos below)



These days, there have been a lot of turned down marriage proposals and this is getting out of hand, as a lot of ladies are beginning to normalize the act of turning down marriage proposals.

There are different reasons for turning down marriage proposals, but, the reason this lady gave as left a lot of people wondering why she will use that as an excuse, of all reasons. Her boyfriend proposed to her in public, thinking and hoping she is going to say yes, but alas! He was disappointed as she gave him a very big embarrassing moment.

The video showed the moment they were both in the market and her boyfriend proposed to her. People were cheering them up, thinking it’s about to be a good love story and hoping to congratulate them, then, the lady started showing her reluctance in collecting the ring.

She said at first that why will he propose in the market of all places and why not somewhere else, she said it with a murmuring voice, then later said loudly that his reproductive organ is too small and she won’t be able to cope. After she said this, she left angrily.

This is really going to be sad for the man, because, he clearly didn’t see that coming. She is supposed to be his lover and someone who will be able to keep his secret, but, it is so saddening to see that she will embarrass him that much in public, not even during his proposal.

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It looks like the lady have been keeping that for so long and have been looking for a way to say it so she can just end the relationship, but, she couldn’t, until when she realized that there is no way to keep it again and continue the relationship. No man will ever pray to experience such embarrassment.