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I Have Been Dying In Silence Since I Married Ada Jesus – Old Video Of Ada Jesus’s Husband Pops Up



An old video of the husband of controversial comedienne, Ada Jesus, Onwuagbo Kingsley has popped up after the death of the comedian complaining about her character and nuisances of his wife Ada Jesus..

In the Facebook video that has popped up, Kingsley was seen pouring out his heart and has reacted to many issues on social media. It appears many people on social media want answers as to why the mother or husband of Ada Jesus couldn’t put her in hecks when she deliberately stepped on people’s toes in diverse ways.

In a very lengthy post, he wrote….

“I want to address issues, I want the world to know what is going on, I want the world to understand something and I want the world to know the truth. And I want Ada Jesus’ followers to know the truth. And I want my followers, my friends, my villagers, and everyone to know the truth. I have been keeping quiet for a while some months for some years I married Ada Jesus on April 5, 2019. I have never insulted her on Facebook, I have never done anything wrong to her. Let God be my witness.”

“If she said I have done anything to her, if you have any Pastor or any shrine, take me there, I would swear with it. It is clear, my hand is clean. This girl has been messing my name up since I married her, playing with my name, my picture, all is a lie. She has been doing this, I complain to the family to see what I am passing through since I married Ada Jesus but no one wants to say anything.”

“The thing is like am dying in silence in the marriage that I married. I don’t want to write anything concerning marriage on Facebook or WhatsApp since I opened it I never write anything bad.”
“I believe that if you want to succeed in your marriage, your family issues have nothing to do with social media. Anyone that brought the family issue on social media does not have sense.
“These things have been going on Facebook, on social media lying against me everywhere. Just to let people know am dying in silence. Am dying in silence only God knows.”

“How can you marry a wife and she will travel from Owerri to Lagos without telling you and lodge in a hotel for 14 days? This girl has been cheating me with different men. I am having pains nobody knows, I know why I keep quiet. For one year and eight months, I never had rest. This girl had issues with my family, she fights my family. She is doing wrong to me, I am tired of the marriage.”

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