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I Give Up – IK Ogbonna’s Ex-Wife Says As She Shares Video Of Their Son Crying For Nigerian Food In An Italian Restaurant (Video below)



Sonia, ex-wife of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has expressed frustration on social media after she and their son, Ace stormed an Italian restaurant.

Whilst in the restaurant, Ace, when asked what food he would like to eat blatantly told her mum that he wants to eat Nigerian food.

In a video shared by Sonia on her Instagram page, the 5-year-old boy could be seen making a stern expression on his face he told his mum he only wants to eat Nigerian food and her mum expressed frustration saying that she has given up.

She wrote:

“You can’t take him anywhere nowadays, traveling with this boy is all fun until he asks waitress for egusi in the middle of Italian restaurant. Moti giveup.”

Watch Video Below:

See some reactions from her followers to this post.

He want Nigerian ❤️food

Proper Naija boy❤️ bless your heart handsome

😂😂😂the eyes was funny 😂😂😂😂, pls give him nigerian good abeg

Abegi give the cute boy egusi n eba jaree

In another post she made she spoke about how hard it is for her to leave the house when his son is around.

The last slide 😭 Leaving your house with a bad bish swag? Mission impossible when you have a 5 year old 😂 I love it here I swear lol #momLife