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Family Left In Tears As Thier Son Commits Suicide After His Wife Did This To Him (Details below)



A sad incident happened in the Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba state. According to peices of information gathered the deceased had a wedding on the 21st of March, it hasn’ t been up to a month after he Wedded his wife he caught her in bed with her ex boyfriend whom she claimed that she already broke up with a long time ago.

Appetently his wife has been secretly having an affair with her ex boyfriend even before they got married.

The young man who has been identified as Jivini Jonnan took his own life after he consumed an insecticide spray.

He had caught his wife in a room with her ex boyfriend and she said to him that she wasn’ t interested in the marriage again even tho they had already performed thir traditional marriage rites, she pretended to love him and reports also revealed that the couples have been dating for three years before deciding to get married.

It was one of Jonnan’ s friend who called him on the phone to inform him about his wife and a strange man walking into a hotel and booking a room.

On getting the information Jonnan rushed to go and see with his own eyes and on getting there he confirmed the information to be true, Jonnan and his wife had a little fight and his wife was supporting her ex boyfriend and trying to protect him from Jonnan who wanted to beat him up.

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The heartbroken young man left the hotel and went home to take his own life, he was rushed to a nearby hospital after his body was discovered laying unconscious in his room, he was later confirmed dead after many failed attempts made by the doctors to revive him

A young 31 years old man has reportedly committed suicide after suffering from a heartbreak from his wife.

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