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Enugu, Ebonyi Killings: Nnamdi Kanu Reveals What Will Happen To Those Responsible (Details below)



According to the Thursday report, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has vowed that the Eastern Security Network, ESN, would avenge the deaths and killings going on in Enugu and Ebonyi states.

The IPOB leader alleged that the killings in Ebonyi and Enugu states have exposed the fact that the Nigerian security agents are working in hand with the Fulani herders killing people in the Southern part of Nigeria.

Mazi Kanu further stressed that security agents are allegedly covering up the killer herders.

Nnamdi Kanu through the IPOB’s National Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, wondered why security agents have not been able to apprehend those responsible for the killings.

According to the statement issued by Powerful, it states; “It is now obvious that the Nigeria military and other security agencies are providing cover for Fulani herdsmen on a killing spree in southeast and South-South. With the recent massacre of innocent Biafrans in Enugu and the Ebonyi States by these blood-sucking vampires, nobody is still left in doubt that the security agencies have been giving them tacit support.

“The inability of the double-faced Nigeria security agencies to arrest or go after these Killers days after the genocidal attacks is a confirmation of our position that the Nigeria security agencies despite their pretense provide cover for terrorists disguising as Fulani herdsmen in Southern Nigeria.

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“Where are the military helicopter gunboats that were buzzing over Orlu airspace in search of ESN operatives in February? Where are the heavily armed brutal soldiers that massacred unarmed Biafran agitators in morning exercise at Emene? Where are the wicked DSS operatives daily hunting and abducting IPOB members and other Biafran agitators?

“These terrorists in security uniform are zealously arresting unarmed and peaceful agitators but too weak and unwilling to touch their fellow terrorists smoking lives out of innocent Indigenous Nigerians. Why can’t Nigeria Fulani terrorists in military uniform trace those that attacked 4 villages in Ebonyi and Enugu States?

“But we assure them that these genocides will not go unpunished. Our gallant ESN personnel will respond proportionately! We are prepared for them. We knew a time like this will come, and that was why our proactive Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu floated ESN ahead of time to defend Biafrans against these bloodsuckers.

“Again, we vow that ESN will avenge the blood of the innocent Biafrans spilled by these demons from the Sahel! But woe betides any hypocrite in DSS, police, or military uniform that will rise to their defense when ESN pays them back in their coin.

“The die is cast! That dark moment that our leader saw many years ago has finally dawned. Those who want ESN outlawed should provide an alternative now that the Killers are on the prowl!”

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