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“End Time” See How A Lady Was Dressed To Pray To God In A Catholic Church (Photos below)



“Jesus did not make any distinction when it came to who would be entering into heaven and who would enter him, who had been previously kept from sin and who would enter him and who would be a sinner, because in the first chapter we read that he would make those that have previously shunned Him for their sins welcome.

Thus, those who want to be with Jesus in him would be welcomed, and the sinless will be saved, and those who did not approach him would find salvation in their households.” What the Bible talks about again and again is dressing particularly while attending religious services and activities in the clothing that we wear.

To this day, it has been established that the Catholic Church was founded from the time of the pharaohs to the present. the whole room will be devoted to Jesus and Mary, who is the patroness of the Church, and Jesus’ mother, are they in the sanctuary? Your seats are here for good. Look around to see if you can find seats that represent the Catholic practices.

The model, with her knees on the floor in front of the altar, represents where the members of the Catholic Church come together to pray. Through watching the image, you can see that she is praying to Heaven, as she recites the “God have mercy on my son”, we all know that everyone prays to be forgiven and blessed. If the lady is praying for forgiveness, I believe she will be forgiven; however, if she is wishing for clothes, then she should probably get something in return.

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Can you really believe she is asking for forgiveness, even though she is?

What can you say to this?

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