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Emotion Sets In As The Woman With The Longest Finger Nails Finally Cut Her 30 Year Old Nails (Photos below)



Often you see people with strange properties, they possess things out of complete wonders. Such people include the person who has not taken his birth for the past 50 years and the woman with the longest hair in the world. Among them is the woman with the longest nails in the world she, can you believe she has not cut her nails for the past 30 years.

In 2017 Ayanna Williams won the Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails and with that, she became so popular that two out of 1000 people know her.

But, sadly the popular woman has now finally cut her nails saying that it’ s time for them to go. Guinness World Records said that she was able to break her record with a new length of 24 feet and 0. 07 inches before she decided to cut them.

When she won the title in 2017 her nails were 19 feet and 10. 9 inches long and they required two bottles of nail polish to make them beautiful.

She said that she’ s has been growing her nails for three decades now so she’ s ready to start a new life. She also said she would miss them for long, but with time it will vanish but now is the right time to let them go. She said taking care of the nails every day was a big job.

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She also said that it doesn’ t matter if she has her nails or not, she would always be a queen because the nails do not determine who she is.

During the cutting of the nails emotion set in but in the end, it was a sweet goodbye.

She said because of her long nails she was unable to perform most household chores like dishwashing, cooking, and cleaning her house.

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