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Checkout What Was Found Inside This Car That Suggested The Occupants Are Yahoo Boys (Photos below)



According to the Scripture of Mark 8: 36, which says, ” For What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and losses his soul.

In today’ s world, many people are eager to be successful and rich without doing anything tangible. They believe they could make it without working. This set of people are into robbery, fraud, kidnapping and many more. In fact, as we speak, many young people no longer have the patience to achieve greatness through hard work, but instead, they are looking for every available means to get rich even below the age their parents succeeded.

The car accident that occurred in Abeokuta on Sunday along the Kuto Flyover Bridge has opened a very important clue to unravelling the identity of the two occupants of the unfortunate car. A closer look inside the car revealed that the occupants of the car are probably Yahoo boys. On the driver’ s seat, was a white plastic container that is commonly used to make white soap for any spiritual bath of which has been a trademark of most of the Yahoo guys. Also, on the car owners side, there was another white container and some rubber cups that are generally used for drinking liquor.

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Meanwhile, some schools of thoughts at the scene of the accident believe that either the two occupants of the car were just coming back from a spiritual exercise going through the plastics found in the car, which could have triggered the accident as a likely way to increase their riches. Another school of thoughts believed that they could have been drunk and this could have led to the accident.

With this evidence, could it be that the two occupants of the car are truly Yahoo Boys who died as a result of the spiritual power? or what do you think? drop your comments

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