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Check Out These Viral Photos Of A Very Old White Man With A Younger Black Woman As His Lover – Could This Be Love?



This isn’t love or anything resembling love — it’s all about the money and properties. Some photos of a young Black woman with a very old White man as her partner have gone viral on the internet with many asking questions as to whether it’s love or for the money?

This old man is almost dead and it’s obvious that the young lady is patiently waiting for him to kick the bucket and grab his properties and money.

The lady wore a wedding ring which suggests that they are legally married and you know the Western system right? Every sh*t is likely to go to this young lady in case the old White man dies.

Anyway, life is about making good decisions that yield fruits (money) in the end and this young Black lady has obviously taken one of the best decisions ever.

Check out the photos below…