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Check Out History Behind The Women of The Himba Tribe Who Are Not allowed To Bath With Water (Video below)



As they say, culture is the way of life of a group of people. This explains why some African countries are very much tied to their beliefs and cultural practices, not only in Africa but across the world.

The Himba tribe are among the peoples of Namibia. They are an indigenous group of people with a population range of about 20,000 to 50,0000.

The Himba tribe are widely known across the world for their “strange” cultural believes and practices. One of them believe which I will like to go in-depth about is they believe;

“Women should not bath with water”

That’s sound strange, right? And you are asking yourself what then why and what will the women use then?


According to Africa Geography, this believes dates back to the ages of one great drought where water was scarce and only the men were allowed to use water for washing purposes.

The Guardian also has its own official page that, the reason women of the Himba tribe are not allowed to use water could be as a result of their harsh climate or environment.

Whichever one to believe, don’t you think this is an odd custom?

Is it only bathing?

No! Women of this tribe are not only denied water for bathing but also they are not allowed to use water for washing especially their cloth.

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So how do they keep themselves hygienic?

Well, the only way for women of Himba to keep a hygienic body is by using a smoke bath. By smoke bath, they will put some smouldering charcoal into a little bowl of herbs and wait for the smoke to come out and up.

While the smoke comes out, they bend over it and allow themselves to be washed. However, for a full-body bath, they cover themselves with a blanket and that’s it.

Do you think this practice is right? Share your opinion with the world.

watch the video below:

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