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Chai! See What FFK Said Will Happen To Oduduwa Republic If Tinubu Is President (Details below)



The upcoming 2023 general elections have sparked agitations recently over who should be the next president of the country.

The likes of Bola Tinubu is favourite to become the next president of Nigeria, but there are fears by many from the southwestern part of the country that Bola Tinubu might not support their agenda which is to secede from Nigeria.

It would be recalled that Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba activist stirred reactions few weeks ago when he declared that Yoruba land is no longer part of Nigeria.

To this end, many southerners in the west have since anticipated their freedom from Nigeria as many joined voices to agitate for the Independence of Oduduwa Republic popularly called Yoruba land.

Amidst the fears that Tinubu’ s presidency may not be in support of the agitation for Oduduwa republic, Fani Kayode, a Nigerian politician and lawyer took to his official Twitter page to react.

According to Fani Kayode, ” The agitation for Oduduwa Republic cannot be deterred or dissuaded by a Tinubu Presidency. ”

FFK went on iterating that as a matter of fact, Tinubu’ s Presidency will only further strengthen the resolve of the separatists because no- one is more hated by the Yoruba nationalists than Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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There have been mixed reactions under the comment section of the Tweet as many criticized Fani Kayode for not maintaining a clear stand on the issue regarding the agitation for the division of the country.

Few days ago, FFK advised Nigerians to shun the agitation for division, but today, he is now contradicting his statement with reasons why Tinubu’ s presidency will achieve Oduduwa Republic come 2023.

The question remains, will Tinubu even win the 2023 presidential election? What’ s your opinion? Share it with us below and also endeavour to follow this channel for more news and updates.