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BOMBSHELL! Amaechi Attacks Northern Nigeria, Exposes How Their Unfair Leadership Ruined The Nation (Details below)



The Aviation Minister at First Republic, Mbazuluike Amaechi, has alleged that the Northern Nigeria created injustice, unfairness, and imbalance in the country’ s governance.

He stated that the prolonged military rule headed by the Northerners was behind the unfairness and imbalance in Nigeria’ s governance.

Amaechi made this known during an interview with the Press on Tuesday, maintaining that any region could produce Nigeria’ s president.

The elder statesman noted that the country’ s condition was unsuitable because all the parts of Nigeria as currently made up were not as formed by the past heroes or as inherited from Britain.

According to him: ” In an ideal situation, a President of Nigeria should come from any part of the federation but the Nigerian situation is not ideal because all the component units of Nigeria as presently constituted in the present- day Nigeria, which the founding fathers of the country created or inherited from the British administration, are not as they were created.

“The long military government led by the North introduced a lot of imbalance, injustice and unfairness

Hausa/Fulani ethnic group has produced virtually all the heads of states that ruled Nigeria under the military administration.

The yorubas produced few, while the Igbos produced almost none.

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Recall that there have been growing calls for Igbo presidency in 2023. This is because the people of the South East which are one of the major ethnic nationalities that made up Nigeria, last led the country during the transitory military regime of Late General Aguiyi Ironsi in 1970s.

Since then, the Igbo man has not smelt the apex political position in Nigeria.

But with the increasing agitation for secession in the region, the need for Igbo presidency is coming to the limelight.

Moment Mbazuluike said that the civil war was a mistake, and that Late General Ojukwu lied to them

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