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April Fool Gone Sour; Lady Told Her Boyfriend That She Has Fallen In Love With Another Guy And It Ended In Tears For Her (Details below)



On the first of April is generally regarded as ‘April fool’ and and we do celebrate this special occasion just for fun. It is done by giving a false statement or news about someone or something which makes people believe and later on clears the Air that the news or statement was force.

It went sour for one woman who tried to impose this very famous act/celebration on his boyfriend for a very ling time.

In a chat that was shared by a Twitter user yesterday afternoon which is presently going viral, it was alleged that the act happened early in the morning where she told him that she has already fallen in love with another man and that, she doesn’t know how it happened. After she said this, she further asked his boyfriend that, hope he is not going to break up with her due to the fact that she has gotten someone else aside from him, and the man replied to her by saying that, he can’t date someone who is already in love with another man because he was not brought up that way.

However, after telling him this, her boyfriend refused to reply to her subsequent messages and this made her use crying emojis, as she alleged that she just wanted to wish him a happy new month and that, she was joking about what she said earlier and if he should refuse to respond, she will kill herself.

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