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Anti-Buhari Protestors Chase Out Pro-Buhari Supporters At Abuja House, London (Video)



It could have being ‘bloodier’ over the weekend when some anti-Buhari protesters clashed with some pro-Buhari supporters at the Abuja House in London..

Some Nigerians living in London started protesting against their president H.E. Mahamudu Buhari couple of days after news hit the media that he was going on a medical trip in London.

Anti-Buhari protestors has seen be seen on daily basis protesting in front of the popular Abuja House pushing the agenda for the president to step down because to them, Buhari has failed the country and the whole people of Nigeria.

As they were singing and chanting ‘Buhari Must Go’ and holding placards, they noticed a group of people coming from the other side of street holding placards and singing songs and supporting the president for the things he has done.

The Metropolitan Police in London then came to the rescue to separate the two groups from engaging in some physical altercations with each other. The groups were placed placed direct opposite of each other across the street with the police in the middle.

The anti-Buhari protestors started chanting and singing songs against the pro-Buhari supporters labeling them as ‘traitors’. They accused them of taking money from the government just to stand in front of the house to protest against their protest.

As they were singing and chanting, the pro-Buhari supporters were quite and when they tried to sing, their courage and energy level were so down that they had no option than to leave the scene.

Watch the video below;

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