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3 Powerful Praying Positions In The Bible That Get Quick Answers From God (Details below)



Christians hardly believe inconsequential— or little things— count in the kingdom of God. Little foxes spoil the vine. Drops of water, of course, make a mighty ocean overtime. In other words, the things we do not pay attention to may be much more important than we think. The position you are in matters a lot when you pray. An extensive study from the Bible revealed answered prayers in the word of God were prayed in some particular positions. Although the positions might have been arrived at by the people who prayed in an unconscious manner.

However, coming across them times without number revealed there are more to them than we know.

The praying positions you will come across in this article were observed in the life of people who desperately needed answers to their prayers. For instance, the prayer of Hezekiah when he was told he would die; the prayer of Daniel when a decreed was made never to pray to any God and the last prayer of Jesus when he was about to be killed.

Let’ s start from the Hezekiah’ s praying position… God sent prophet Isaiah to disclose a sad message to him. The moment he heard he would die in 2 Kings 20: 1- 5 kjv; he faced the wall and prayed.

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I’ ve never seen such a speedy answer to prayer. Before the prophet who came to deliver the message left the court as he was already on the way out of the King Hezekiah’ s court, God sent him back to tell him a good news– God had answered his prayer.

In fact, we’ ve heard testimonies of Christians who got answers to their prayers by facing the wall when they pray just like Hezekiah. Do not say everything is fake or not real. If his praying position was not important, Holy Spirit— the wisest teacher ever— wouldn’ t lead the writer to note it in the Bible.

Secondly, when Jesus knew he was about to be killed. He went to Gethsemane and prayed

like never before. If you read Luke 22: 41 kjv, you will discover he knelt down. However, when he was about to be delivered to be killed, he fell on his face to the ground and prayed.

Of course, he was in a sorrowful mood, which must have warranted that position. May I bring to your notice that. . . had Jesus not accept the will of God in that praying position, the cup would have passed over him?

The reason the prayer was not answered was that he said his will, which was to die, should be done.

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Lastly, in Daniel 6: 10 KJV, when the King made a decree that no one should pray to any god for 30 days, Daniel knew that was a tall order because he just couldn’ t do without praying to God for a day. He prayed 3 times a day. So, there was no way he could have obeyed the decree. Then, the Bible recorded he went in his room and knelt down, but before that, he opened his window and faced

Jerusalem. If you are observant, you will see the kneeling down position is not as important as facing Jerusalem. How did I know this?

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